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Why Flash Is Not Always Good

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A mobile game is generally a computer game which is generally played on a mobile cell phone. The term actually refers to any computer games which are played either on any other mobile phone, such as on cell phone, PDA, tablet, smartphone, or portable media player, with or without network accessibility. The latest trend is that mobile game industry is fast growing and gaining huge popularity in the world today. It is evident that there is no stopping this mobile game surge. There are various examples of amazing mobile game titles available in the market at present.


Some of the most popular and top-selling video games in the market today include Angry Birds, Tower Defence, Reader Rabbit, Scrabble, and many more. These are quite an amazing set of games which can be played on mobiles anytime of the day. However, some of these are in turn-based form whereas others are purely action based. Generally, any g

ood mobile game should be interesting enough so that it will keep the players interested till the end.


Another category of mobile games includes the ones which are known as arcade games. Generally, an arcade game is an arcade style game. Many mobile arcade games involve simple shooting, combo, and goal setting. Usually, these kinds of games are short which makes them perfect for short and fast gameplay. Most of them have simple yet addictive gameplay. They are simple but exciting enough to keep the gamers hooked till the end.


Mobile gaming consoles also belong to the category of mobile games. Gaming consoles such as PSP and XBOX are quite popular amongst young generation of today. They can be easily downloaded from internet while charging up the mobile devices. It can be played in the background without disturbing anyone else. Moreover, they are a lot cheaper than mobile games.


Mobile game genres include action, adventure, card, arcade, casual, simulation, sports, puzzle and lots more. Some of these are entirely based on real life and make for great gaming experiences for players. Players can opt for specific mobile gaming genres depending upon their interest. There are many mobile gaming stores available nowadays where different mobile game genres are available.


The other category of mobile game genres are those based on massively multi-player online role-playing games or MMORPGs. These are quite similar to action or adventure games but with the added interactivity amongst players. In fact, most of these are massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) which provide for the real-life role playing experience. Some of them have visuals along with the player's actions which help them to immerse themselves into the game. Players can engage in massive battles and build up their character simultaneously.


Apart from the MMORPGs, there is another huge genre of mobile game which is massively multiplayer online battle arena or MMORPG. These are the games which cater for the needs of individual players. Their interaction is highly dynamic and is based on the use of chat windows. They can also collaborate with other players around the world for a common cause. As a result, this genre of mobile game has become hugely popular among the masses.


These are just a few examples of mobile multiplayer games. There are several others such as tower defense game, city building game, farm management game etc. All these provide exciting gameplay which keeps players interested till the end. Therefore, if you are looking to download games then the best option would be to go for the flash mobile platform.


However, mobile game development is not all about Flash. There are several mobile gaming platforms available in the market now which can provide you the same experience of playing the flash versions. Such examples include - Android, IOS, Symbian and Blackberry platform. In fact, all these platforms provide the same features of playing flash games on your mobile handset. Here's an example; you could play a medieval role play game using the Android operating system or you could access the same content using the IOS 3.


Mobile video games are another segment which is experiencing great popularity across the globe. They are extremely fun and provide for hours of entertainment when played on mobile handsets. The gaming experience is greatly enhanced by the ability of the mobile phone to display 3D graphics and video. The recent release of Angry Birds mobile game is an example of this. It not only provided for the same old addictive fun, but it added the capability of the gamers to interact with their friends and loved ones through social networking facilities.


As you can see from the above discussion, there are several differences between Flash and mobile games. Flash games are popular because they are easy to access, have excellent graphic effects and offer lots of interactivity. On the other hand, mobile devices have the advantage of providing high-end processors, large memory storage, high resolution screens and the requisite connectivity options to run the games smoothly. In addition to that, new features of the mobile phones allow the users to access their favorite media players with a simple tap. So, if you want to experience good old fashion video games, then opt for Flash and enjoy your gaming experience.

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